Sunday, November 13, 2005

Introductions from Tina Basi

Hello everyone! I am the other student (well… I've just finished my PhD actually) blogging EPIC 2005. As well as having a BA in Women’s Studies and an MA in Gender Studies, I am also the first student to be awarded a PhD from the Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, University of Leeds in the UK.

My areas of interest include feminism and feminist theory (in case that wasn’t obvious!), globalization, social theory, identity, labour, development studies, and international relations. My PhD topic looked at the ways in which women working in Delhi’s transnational call centre industry constructed their identities.

Unlike Brian I have no fixed abode… In the words of Bob Dylan, I am more of a rolling stone, no direction home… Looking forward to meeting as many of you at the conference as possible…


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