Tuesday, November 15, 2005

New Yorker cartoon

Here is the link for the New Yorker cartoon that Tracey referenced in her closing speech.


Blogger Rick Robinson said...

Clarification on Christina Wasson's remarks: In trying to set up how 'new' the field is, Christina mentioned the founding of E-Lab in 1994 as a sort of marker. While I appreciate the recognition, I have to say, first, that we'd already begun to do the work for client's like McDonald's, Hallmark, and Steelcase four or five years earlier, and that work wouldn't have gotten started, nor E-Lab ever been founded were it not for the Work Practices and Technologies group at Xerox PARC. Without the exposure to and experience of working with Lucy Suchman, Jeanette Blomberg, Randy Trigg, Austin Henderson, Gitti Jordan, Susan Anderson and Francoise Brun-Cottan, and the amazing network of scholars that they brought in to work on projects, we (John Cain and I) would not have seen the opportunity.

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