Monday, November 14, 2005

What better way to kick off EPIC 2005 than with a cocktail party! Amid the clinking of the glasses all around the room we could hear exclamations of ‘You look so different from your website photo’ as E-Relationships sprang into the ‘real’ world.

Conference delegates, some rather harried and jetlagged, arrived fresh and excited about the possibilities for debate and discussion that the next two days were sure to bring. Amongst the introductions, delegates shared details of their research projects revealing the expansive network of the EPIC attendees and the detailed engagement and involvement of their work reaching the four corners of the world.

Details regarding the papers exploring theory, methods, and ‘cutting edge’ ways to ‘do’ and ‘think’ about research were available in the conference pack and amid questions asking what it really means to be an ethnographer was what the digital clock really does??? (my favourite theory is that is a time-travelling device!).


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